Complaints Procedure

Gaudium operates a fair and efficient complaints procedure which is accessible to all.  Due to our constant monitoring of systems, we hope you will not need to use this process.

However, if you wish to make a comment or complaint, contact Gaudium Ltd's office with any concern relating to the service we provide.  Mariusz Waluk, Company Director, will take details of your complaint and reply to you, by telephone or letter.  If your complaint cannot be resolved within 24 hours, you can expect:


  • A written acknowledgement of your complaint within 5 working days of receipt.

  • A detailed written response within 28 days of receipt.

  • To be notified of any delays, with reasons if a response within 28 days has not been received.


Should you be dissatisfied with the outcome of your enquiry, please contact the Care Quality Commission, the regulatory body for Domiciliary Care Providers throughout the UK, who will then investigate the matter on your behalf.


CQC National Correspondence



Newcastle upon Tyne



Telephone:  03000 616 161