Day Care at Home

Day Care at Home aims to provide you with a social connection, whether it is a trip to the shops with a carer, a visit to the local garden centre, or just a natter at home; we can be there for you, with a unique one to one service catered especially for you.


Fancy a trip to the Garden centre, or afternoon tea, but would like to have some company? Maybe you need some help once a week doing the big shop? Here at Gaudium, we offer a day care at home service, and are registered with Care Quality Commission.

Our Day Care at Home sessions can be anything from one to six hours and is our 'stepping stone' between the social hub of our Day Centre and the personal care services of our Domiciliary branch, Assured Care. If your needs have not yet developed to the extent of requiring personal care, but you need more focused one-to-one attention, the Day Care at Home service may be suited to you.


Although we primarily offer care to people living with Dementia, MS, Parkinson's and stroke victims, we always try to accommodate all cases, and if we have the correctly trained staff to help you, we will. Whilst we predominantly work with older adults, we are aware that many conditions can strike early, therefore we have no minimum age limit.


Our day care at home sessions provide a great opportunity for primary care givers to enjoy a few hours off, and provides the client with an opportunity to have social interaction with another individual and help getting out and about.

Day care at home provides a one-to-one service that is unique to the client, and maintains social connections.


If you are unsure whether you would benefit from this service, or require any more information, please call us on 01768 890353.