Q - How is care paid for?
A - We take all sorts of cases, funded and private.  If you are not certain you can obtain funding for your care, contact your local Social Services, please see below for their contact details.


Adult Social Care, PO Box 224, Penrith, CA11 1BP. 

01768 812233

Email: penrithssd@cumbria.gov.uk

They will conduct a financial assessment and decide if you are eligible for funding.  Funding often comes in two forms - Direct Payments and ISF (Individual Service Account). These work in a similar way by having money put on a card to go towards your care, in Direct Payments you keep hold of this card and arrange your care and finances, in ISF cases the money is put on a card that the service provider of your choice keeps and manages for you.

Q - What area do you cover?
A - Our services cover Penrith and the surrounding area.   As a general rule we cover up to 5 miles radius from Penrith town centre, but can always consider cases further afield if they are close to other existing clients.  If in doubt, ask us!

Q - I think a family member needs care, but they insist they do not require any help
A - This can always be a difficult situation, where you want to ensure they are safe and looked after but they do not want to admit to needing a helping hand.  Pride is very important and each case is different, but if the situation is still manageable perhaps try suggesting smaller options of help first and then building up.  It can be easier to accept that help is required to assist and clean once in a while.  From this starting point, help can be added in stages, as and when required, and may lead to a complete multiple daily call care package.  With extra help taken on earlier, independence can be maintained, and may delay the need for additional care for longer period of time.  However, if you are concerned, we would always recommend calling social services and ask for their advice.

Q - How much does care cost?
A - We cost each case individually to ensure that no client is paying more than they need to, as everyone's needs are different. Please feel free to call us on 
01768 890353, and our office staff will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and the costs with you.

Q - If I got care from Gaudium how many people would be in and out of the house?
A - It is always difficult to let strangers into your home, and even more so when you do not know who might show up. At Gaudium we aim to remain a small, friendly company, and we have 15 carers who cover our full area, so you are unlikely to have more than 5-8 on one case.