Memory loss

Everybody forgets things, we are only human, and it is accepted that it happens.  However, with Dementia, forgetting things can be a constant problem, memories from the past can be vivid but the present can be a blur and it can be a battle to cope.  The brain struggles to store new information and needs a bit of extra help.

That is where these products can help, day clocks, reminders, signs and locators can all offer a prompt to a person suffering with memory loss.  Here are some of the most popular choices, chosen by people who work with people living with Dementia, specialist designers and caregivers.

Getting Lost

Getting lost is a huge worry for anyone.

Often people with dementia set off with real purpose but then lose track. All kinds of things trigger this, such as stress, noise, boredom, or just forgetting the way to the shops. But you can help reduce worry on both sides.

3 top tips to help with wandering: 1. Be prepared –6 out of 10 people with dementia wander . Consider making the house safe. 2. Work out why – if they’re anxious, find something to comfort them. 3. Know where they are – make sure they carry ID, or give them a GPS tracker.

Clocks & Watches

Some can even tell you when to do the things you need to, like eat, drink, and take your medicine!


Reminiscence & Conversation is a universal activity, perfect for families, friends or anyone, who enjoys a good chat.

Signs & Labels

Stick, Screw or Hang. From Signs to Labels, Red, to Blue. There will be a Sign for you.

Guide the way, from the bathroom to bedroom and kitchen to living room. Sometimes navigating a house or remembering which draw has the cutlery in can be frustrating. Pop a label on the draw, or a sign on the wall to help.

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