Community Projects

Lunches Against Loneliness 2020

Our Lunches Against Loneliness campaign aimed to raise awareness and attempt to tackle loneliness in our local community. Aimed at older adults and those living with disabilities and degenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, the initial event took place on February 14th 2020, and hopes to run further events throughout the year. ITV Border news captured the event perfectly:

Penrith Dementia Action Alliance


In 2019 we joined our local Dementia Action Alliance, the DAA is a group of businesses and organisations that come together to work on best practise in aiding those living with the condition. As part of this community group, we established an Action Plan and steps to ensure we aim to be as Dementia friendly as possible. 


Inter-generational with Kiddlywinks Nursery


In December 2019 we organised a project with a nearby Pre-school to encourage the two different generations to join together and build bonds. The project has been a huge success and aims to continue well into the future. For one hour a week, the children join our clients in the Day Centre, for crafts, singing, stories, fun and games. Our Day Centre clients look forward to this hour and have already begun making special connections with the children. The children bring out a side to them we sometimes don't see within the care setting. And the children love coming too.

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