Potential breakthrough in Alzheimers

In the News recently it was announced that Dame Barbara Windsor 80 years old was diagnosed 4 years ago with Alzheimers Disease. Over 850,000 people are found to be suffering from different forms of dementia but the majority suffer from Alzheimers in the UK. This is an illness which affects language, thinking and memory loss.

Alex Matthews-King Health Correspondent from the Independent 1 January 2018, has written about an Alzheimer’s treatment: Diabetes drug holds promise for fighting disease after ‘significantly reversing’ memory loss. Trials taken on mice were shown to improve memory and lower the levels of defective molecules that form nerve killing plaques.

The trials used a drug that was developed for Type 2 Diabetes. The Mice were put in a maze and after 2 months of taking the drug were shown to have an improvement in memory. This is all showing positive results but it has to be noted that although there are positive results shown from the trials on these mice and also positive results on mice with other drugs they so far have failed on humans.

Let’s hope that this new drug will be the one to change people’s lives!

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